1. Mercedes VISION AVTR

Of all the concept cars that have been revealed in the past few years the Mercedes vision avtr surely has got to be the craziest most groundbreaking and most exciting. Inspired by James Cameron’s movie Avatar.

The company has been showing us since late 2020 and has recently begun to release further details about it. It’s now been confirmed that the car will feature systems that allow it to be controlled by thought with a cutting edge brain computer interface that will allow you to select a destination change the interior lighting will change the music that you’re listening to simply by thinking about what you want.
To make this work users will need to wear a headband that will be able to monitor brain activity. And while this may seem far too futuristic to be possible anytime soon, the company has amazingly built a demonstration vehicle where guests can already use the interface after a few moments of calibration to adjust various settings. Along with this groundbreaking technology.

The vision avtr is a stunning car looking like there would be at home and Pandora. It’s barely a straight line on the chassis and the wheels are unlike anything ever conceived before the interior to seems out of this world as it’ll be fully autonomous and there’s a huge amount of extra room from not needing a steering wheel or pedals and the front section is fitted with a huge display screen to allow you to watch movies on the go.

Mercedes is looking to revolutionize car design with ideas like this, and even if they get anywhere close with an actual production version, you will surely be the envy of everyone else on the road.