3. Porsche vision GT

car manufacturers have traditionally designed and built concept vehicles to display the various motor shows that take place around the world. But as simulation technology becomes increasingly lifelike, some are beginning to take a different approach.
Porsche recently announced the vision GT, which instead of being a real world vehicle is completely virtual and will feature in the new Gran Turismo racing simulator for the PlayStation.

The design team at Porsche said that by creating something purely for the virtual world has allowed them to open up exciting possibilities that are otherwise heavily regimented in the regular design process for a production car. The concept takes traditional Porsche design cues such as a sporty height to width ratio, low set hood and pronounced wings as well as integrated air intake similar to those seen on the takeout.

The interior features a curved hologram display that floats above the steering wheel, that mixture of carbon and titanium and the company also states that the concept uses only vegan materials, which now seems kind of silly that I say it out loud.
They have of course been able to include a number of features that are a long way from being possible in reality, but if this is a sign of the direction of Porsche is looking to go then they’re the one to watch in the coming years.