7 Future Concept Cars YOU MUST SEE


7. BMW Vision Next 100

Like most future cars the Vision Next 100 concept offers two driving modes fully autonomous and an optional normal mode, respectively called ease and boost. Each mode has its own interior schemes and layout and will change accordingly. Full technical details are not yet available, but it’s safe to assume that the propulsion system is going to involve electricity and zero emission and ease mode the car is completely self driving.

The steering wheel is hidden away and the chair swivel to a certain degree, allowing the driver to just relax and enjoy the ride. On the other hand, boost mode changes everything from the interior to car characteristics. BMW says the car transforms into an ultimate driving machine where the driver controls the speed and direction using augmented reality. The car displays the steering points and ideal racing lives. From the outside the car looks like something taken straight from a sci fi film with plenty of lights and almost no visible wheels. The kidney grill is still there, but the car doesn’t actually need it for air intake. The grill has been repurposed to house all the sensors required for autonomous driving

The vehicle system lies a technology called the brain computer interface that actually works by identifying what you’re thinking of at any given moment in the driver’s seat.

When you put the wearable electrode on the back of your head, the system can record and measure brain activity to determine car behavior. For example, how fast and what direction it should go among other functions.

both the front and rear axles can rotate in the same or opposite direction, meaning the car can go sideways at a 30 degree angle.