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7. Rolls Royce Cullinan

Just like any other Rolls Royce car the Cullinan also sets the bar for other high end SUVs and all aspects whether it’d be comfort serenity, or overall ambience. both the interior and the exterior follow the modern design language of Rolls Royce, but it’s the sheer grandeur of the covenant that sets it apart from its siblings and its rivals.

The use of high quality materials and handcrafted details on the interior and the exterior further add to the luxury of the covenant and allow it to carve out a unique space for itself in a world full of SUV. Although the Cullinan is fitted with an endless list of features some noteworthy features include a star headliner, custom dashboard inlays and a set of two retractable picnic seats in the trunk that may not be as comfy as the main seats, but they do add a touch of sophistication. Available in two trim levels the covenant has a base price of almost $350,000 That can be stretched endlessly by opting for a wide variety of custom modifications offered by Rolls Royce.