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9. Mercedes Maybach S class

if the level of sophistication in a normal S class is not up to your expectations, then no need to worry as it’s my box addition aims to resolve all your woes. Everything starting from the front grille to the rear bumper has been reworked to provide it with an utterly luxurious makeover.

The Maybach version boasts a visibly upgraded wheelbase that’s even 18 centimeters longer than the standard long wheelbase version of the S class. By Bach offers the car and a dual tone paint scheme. The job takes more than a week to complete. The interior is fitted with the finest quality Napa leather refrigerator, a total of four screams and massaging seeds. Such a heavily fitted garden needs all the power it can get. Therefore, you can also get it with a twin turbocharged V 12 engine that puts out over 620 horsepower Lastly, the Maybach S class is also fitted with Next Generation autonomous driving aids that enable him to drive and park autonomously under certain conditions.

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