9. Sony VISION-S

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It’s not a company you’d normally associate with building cars. But now that the boundary between vehicle and technology manufacturers is increasingly blurry. It’s no surprise that Sony is getting in on the act. After creating a new division Sony mobility. The latest concept design was revealed in early 2020 to know is the VISION-S two seemingly created to directly compete with Tesla the seven seater vision S O two is a pure electric SUV that’s 16 feet long.

It’s also fitted with two 200 kilowatt motors one on each axle. It’s four wheel drive and can produce up to 536 brake horsepower. The company has yet to release performance figures for this setup, but it is said to have a top speed of more than 112 miles per hour. But without any detail on the battery type or size. It’s unknown how fast it’ll accelerate or even what its range on a full charge will be set by the company to promote the accommodation of a large variety of lifestyles within a society where values are becoming increasingly diversified.
The plan is to explore avenues in which artificial intelligence and robotics can be used. to revolutionize what we expect from a car. It’s still to be seen if Sony won’t become a car manufacturer at all, but it’ll definitely be interesting if they do bring something like division S oh two to the roads of the future.

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