Rivian R1T

R1S SUV. Rivian first made its debut on the market during the Los Angeles Auto Show, in the same year that the automaker debuted its top models: The R1T pickup, as well as R1S SUV. Both are entirely electric.

The R1T has four electric motors that can produce up to approximately 750 horsepower, which will result in a three-second sprint that can reach 60 miles/hour. It also has the capacity to tow 11000lb. Rivian claims that the R1T can cover more than 400 miles on one charge. The R1T costs $69,000 and will be on the market in the middle of 2021.

Ram 1500 TRX

TRX TRX is the most powerful supercharged version of the 2021 Ram pickup. The TRX perfectly blends into other trucks like the Durango SRT Hellcat, the Jeep Trackhawk, or the Challenger Hellcat. It’s loud, powerful, and a blast to drive.

The brand-new Ram 1500 TRX is fitted with a powerful 700 horsepower 6.2L supercharged HEMI motor. The truck can reach sixty miles an hour in 4.5 minutes. Furthermore, the TRX is more striking than the regular Ram pickup and an 8-inch body more significant than the base model.

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