These Newly-Designed Pickup Trucks And SUVs Are About To Hit The Market

Henry Ford made the first-ever pickup truck in 1925. Practical design has been in our hearts ever since increasing in popularity throughout the decades. In actuality, the Ford F150 was the best-selling car within the United States in 2019, with more than 900,000. In the year. We are fans of pickup trucks, both classic as well as new. Look at these exciting SUVs and pickups appearing on the market in the next few year.

Bollinger B2


Bollinger Motors promises that the B2 will be the most capable pickup truck even though its relatively simple design both inside and outside the B2 is an electric pickup that is innovative and innovative.

This B2 model features powered by two electric motors, which produce 614 horsepower in total. The result is a 4.5-second sprint from sixty miles an hour and 200 miles of range on one charge. The automaker claims 7500lb of towing capacity as well. The price starts at $125 000, and deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2021.

Lordstown Motors Endurance

The Endurance is an electric pickup truck unveiled by the American company in October 2020. The cars are manufactured at an older GM plant located in Ohio and will appear available for sale on the market by 2021. Furthermore, Lordstown Motors claims that the Endurance will come with an overall power output of 600 horsepower, with a range of 250 miles on just one charge.

The unique pickup truck comes with an engine in every wheel hub instead of the battery packs located to each car’s axle like other electric vehicles. The electric pickup’s starting price is $52,500.

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