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Concept cars are designed to showcase new technologies and design ideas that usually look totally bizarre but today we’ll be taking a look at the top 10 craziest concept cars of 2022

10. Buick GL8 Flagship

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Buick has been successful in the Chinese market in recent years and the manufacturers latest designs of all targeted Chinese consumers in particular it’s a place where MPVs are particularly popular and in late 2021, the company revealed its latest concept, the GLA8 flagship, intended as a taste of the direction of MPV design.

It’s certainly a striking vehicle. The sleek styling will stand out on the road and accompany is packed full of technology, even highlighting the winshape headlights that apparently will be used to communicate with pedestrians and other vehicles, although quite how this works is still to be seen. the GLA8 flagship is fitted with V 2x technology which will give an autonomous driving capabilities and Buick hasn’t yet provided any details of the powertrain almost expected to be a turbo for gasoline engine.
As for the interior, the flagship feels like a modern lounge with a bench seat in the rear and a front passenger seat that can swivel all the way around to face backwards. In the front there’s a 30 inch infotainment screen, a touchscreen on the steering wheel and a full width heads up display, providing the driver with all the information they could possibly need.
I don’t expect a vehicle like this to be released by Buick in any other country other than China. But it at least gives you an idea of the types of technologies and design the company could be bringing elsewhere.

9. Sony VISION-S

It’s not a company you’d normally associate with building cars. But now that the boundary between vehicle and technology manufacturers is increasingly blurry. It’s no surprise that Sony is getting in on the act. After creating a new division Sony mobility. The latest concept design was revealed in early 2020 to know is the VISION-S two seemingly created to directly compete with Tesla the seven seater vision S O two is a pure electric SUV that’s 16 feet long.

It’s also fitted with two 200 kilowatt motors one on each axle. It’s four wheel drive and can produce up to 536 brake horsepower. The company has yet to release performance figures for this setup, but it is said to have a top speed of more than 112 miles per hour. But without any detail on the battery type or size. It’s unknown how fast it’ll accelerate or even what its range on a full charge will be set by the company to promote the accommodation of a large variety of lifestyles within a society where values are becoming increasingly diversified.
The plan is to explore avenues in which artificial intelligence and robotics can be used. to revolutionize what we expect from a car. It’s still to be seen if Sony won’t become a car manufacturer at all, but it’ll definitely be interesting if they do bring something like division S oh two to the roads of the future.

8. Toyota GR GT3 Concept

Toyota is known for creating both dependable road vehicles and hair raising exciting race cars. And with the GR GT3 the company is showing that motorsport is still one of its priorities. first revealed in January of 2022 at the Tokyo Auto Salon, the incredible car is targeted at customers who take part in GT3 racing, and it certainly looks the part with its center lock wheels, gigantic rear spoiler side exhaust and that chunky front splitter.

For the moment though Toyota has kept performance specs under wraps with details promised that a future date. GT3 rules are relatively flexible with very few restrictions on the overall design and drive train, although they usually produce somewhere between 500 to 600 brake horsepower.

What’s more exciting though is that it’s rare for a concept car like this to be produced solely for racing purposes and is likely that a road legal version won’t be too far behind. So this could potentially become a flagship vehicle that sits above the Supra in their range, something every Toyota fan or will surely look forward to.

7. Kia EV 9

It’s not just the high performance and radically designed concept cars that make the greatest impact but also the ones being created by everyday manufacturers to give us a glimpse of what the future of the typical road car will become. The Kia EV 9 which was revealed in late 2021 is a great example of this and shows that even affordable SUVs will be futuristic in just a few years.

Seen as an electric alternative to the company’s Sacramento model. It’s big and boxy and will be sure to hold its own on the road.
The usage of the interior has been reimagined to add on this concept of the company has made the rear doors hinged backwards, which means when the doors are open, a pillar free design is revealed with a huge amount of usable space.

As for the interior, the company showed it with a floating dashboard and sustainable materials such as recycled fishing nets and water bottles that used to route said to have a range of about 300 miles on a single charge and decent performance figures. He hopes to reveal a production version of this concept by 2023. And it will be interesting to see how many of these features actually make it into the finished model.

6. Hyundai’s AV pod

If one day has their way, the future of personal transport will be very different indeed. And at the beginning of 2022 they revealed their concept for how this would look with something that you barely even consider to be a car.
The basic concept there’s something called plug in Drive pod which is a small electric vehicle with space for one person. It has a 360 degree steering electric motors and brakes five and a half inch wheels with airless tires and can either be autonomously operated or controlled with the joystick. If you think of the way people move around in the movie walling and that’s pretty much what the PND pod concept is making a reality.

These pods will be perfectly suited to moving around neighborhoods and across short distances. If you want to travel further, Hyundai has you covered. There’ll be larger bus type vehicles that the smaller personal pods will fit inside of and will take them to their destination while at the same time recharging their batteries. Because the devices that make it work are part of Hyundai’s plug and drive modular platform. It’s also been touted as the future of autonomous logistics and delivery services.
There’s no way that something like this is never going to appeal to motoring enthusiasts. But for those who simply care about easily traveling from A to B, especially in urban environments, then it has the potential to be ideal.

5. Audi skysphere

first reveal to the world in mid 2021 As a part of the company’s new vision for the future. The Audi skysphere was created at their Malibu design studio with the intent to offer a redefinition of Grand Touring.
It’s a fully electric two door convertible that’s built to be used with level four autonomous technology which means it will be able to drive without assistance on roads that have been fitted with the relevant infrastructure.

The skysphere has a variable wheelbase which means it can adapt itself to the preferences of the driver, offering an autonomous luxury tour setup or focus or its car option. The wheelbase will lengthen or shorten depending on the choice and will also alter the ground clearance as well. Even though it’s an electric car, it’s been designed to look like a futuristic version of classic touring cars with an extended front hood, which was a choice the creators made to add a classic sense of prestige.

The classic form is accentuated with LED lights that can display moving light sequences such as indicators, and there’s a further LED panel that runs across the whole rear end of the vehicle. The interior of the skysphere has been borrowed from 1930s Art Deco architecture with the seats made from a sustainably produced microfiber to add extra room the steering wheel and pedals will retract into the dashboard when it’s in self driving mode, and everything is controlled with touchscreen panels across the dash. designed to work with a 624 brake horsepower electric motor.

The skysphere would in theory be able to accelerate from zero to 60 in just four seconds and there are plenty more technologies like adaptive air suspension, or programmable steer by wire system and Audi’s new artificial intelligence which makes it pretty exciting.

4. BMW concept XM

shown in late 2021 The BMW concept XM shows the manufacturers intentions in the coming years with the introduction of electric vehicle technology and how it doesn’t necessarily mean a sacrifice in power and performance.
The car itself is a plug in hybrid which will be powered by a newly developed M hybrid drive system that’s made up of a turbocharged engine and an electric motor that produce a combined output of 739 brake horsepower.

The company hasn’t yet revealed the size of the battery that’s used but has said that vehicles based on this concept will be capable of up to 50 miles of zero emission travel, which would account for the vast majority of journeys that people make.
The sporty SUV concept shows BMWs next generation styling with the oversized kidney grilles with horizontal bars and the heavy creases that flow back from the grill. The sharp lines make it feel like a modern vehicle.

This is further reinforced when you get inside the interior has what the company describes as an M interpretation of a driver focused cockpit with a curved infotainment screen and a new version of the BMW i drive operating system. The red accents on the steering wheel and elements in the central console in and colors make this undoubtedly something that feels sporty all the way through.


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