Transmission Filter Maintenance on Your Vehicle’s Performance

What is a transmission filter?

It’s located between the transmission pan (which collects unwanted fluid) and the bearing that controls the transmission fluid pressure. Basically it consists of an aluminum plate with tiny mesh-like inserts which prevent various contaminants from entering the transmission | filter | transmission | vehicle | fluid} This filter, when properly maintained, protects the life of your transmission. Not only does this help to maintain proper fluid pressure in your vehicle, it also keeps harmful particles like dirt and dust out of your transmission. Without this filter in place, you would be wise to replace it as soon as possible as otherwise the filter would not protect the transmission from the damaging effects of these particles. When these particles become stuck, they can actually grind the bearing to a screeching halt, or even completely stop the transmission from working altogether.

However, there are many instances when you will need to replace your automatic transmission filter instead of just the fluid. In case your vehicle has a hydraulic clutch, you will most likely have to replace the hydraulic transmission filter as part of an overall maintenance program for the vehicle. Even though the clutch is usually one of the less intrusive parts of your car, it still requires attention. If you neglect to change the transmission filter and then apply your regular maintenance to the clutch, you run the risk of the clutch failing completely, requiring the complete replacement of all items.

Another situation that calls for the need to change your transmission filter is if your vehicle utilizes a conventional oil pan. When these vehicles are first purchased they come with a generic pan that is usually made of stamped metal. Over time, the weight of the vehicle will eventually cause this seal to become weakened, allowing unwanted contaminants, such as dirt, to seep into the oil through the gasket. When this happens, the only recourse that you have is to purchase a new gasket. On occasion, the gasket may crack or warp due to the elements, requiring you to replace the entire transmission filter.

Another situation that requires your attention when it comes to changing your transmission filter involves the occurrence of trouble while driving. On occasion, this problem may present itself when your vehicle is attempting to engage or disengage the shift gears. In most cases, this problem will affect the first two gears, and may present itself more often in sunny conditions or when the engine is cold. When this problem does occur, you must make sure that you have changed your filter to solve the problem.

Many times, the transmission filter will also need to be changed when your vehicle’s transmission fluid begins to leak. When this occurs, the transmission filter prevents the contamination of the transmission fluid, which reduces the risk of serious bodily damage to you and your vehicle. This problem occurs when there is an issue with the drain lines for the transmission. As the transmission fluid leaks, you must make sure that you have changed the filters to solve the problem.A closed system is one that does not require maintenance. This type of filter is generally made of stainless steel, and is typically sold with the vehicle when you purchase the vehicle. When you install the filter, it creates a barrier between the engine and the harmful elements that may infiltrate your vehicle. This type of filter provides excellent protection, as it completely envelops the components of your automatic transmission.

For vehicles that do require the maintenance of transmission filter components, you should make sure that you check the fluid levels in your vehicle on a regular basis. If you find that there is excessive debris inside of the transmission fluid, it is time for you to change the filter. Changing your transmission filter can significantly reduce the risk of your vehicle undergoing some serious damage. The benefits of changing your transmission fluid and changing your transmission filter are far too numerous to ignore.

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